Journal cover Vol. 4 No. 3  2012
Vol. 4 No. 3, 2012
  1. Emission and Propagation Mechanisms of PD Pulsesfor UHF and Traditional Electrical Measurements  S. M. Hoek1, M. Koch2, M. Heindl3 (1OMICRON electronics GmbH, Klaus, Austria, 2OMICRON Energy Solutions GmbH, Berlin, Germany, 3University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany [DOI Number : 10.15676/ijeei.2012.4.3.1])
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  2. Electric Field Characteristics under Three-phase Voltage in Three-phase Gas Insulated Switchgear Umar Khayam (School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Institut Teknologi Bandung INDONESIA [DOI Number : 10.15676/ijeei.2012.4.3.2])
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  3. Mitigation of Very Fast Transient Overvoltages at the More Sensitive Points in Gas-Insulated Substation A. Said1, Ebrahim A. Badran2, M. A. Abd-Allah1 (1Faculty of Engineering at Shoubra, Benha University 2Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University [DOI Number : 10.15676/ijeei.2012.4.3.3])
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  4. Blind Signal Separation based harmonic voltage/current estimation in an interconnected power system- a Comparative Study Supriya P. and T. N. Padmanabhan Nambiar (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, India [DOI Number : 10.15676/ijeei.2012.4.3.4])
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  5. Practical Evaluation of Power Control Performance for Multipath Mitigation in Wireless Mobile Communication Adit Kurniawan (School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, ITB, Bandung, Indonesia [DOI Number : 10.15676/ijeei.2012.4.3.5])
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  6. An Intelligent Water Drop Algorithm for Solving Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Problem K. Lenin and M. Surya Kalavathi (Department of electrical & electronics engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad, Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500 085, Andhra Pradesh, India [DOI Number : 10.15676/ijeei.2012.4.3.6])
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  7. The Application of Partial Discharge Measurement and Location on CGIS Min-Yen Chiu¹, Keng-Wei Liang¹, Chang-Hsing Lee¹, Chen-Li Fan², Chiang Cheng², Yu-Chih Lin³ (1Power Diagnostic Service Co., Limited 2Taiwan Power Research Institute, Taiwan Power Company ³National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Hsinchu, Taiwan [DOI Number : 10.15676/ijeei.2012.4.3.7])
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  8. Performance of Wishart Classification Algorithm to Map Mangrove Forest Using Fully Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar at C-, L- and P-bands Bambang H. Trisasongko and Dyah R. Panuju (Department of Soil Science and Land Resources. Bogor Agricultural University., Jalan Meranti. Bogor 16680. Indonesia. [DOI Number : 10.15676/ijeei.2012.4.3.8])
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  9. Automated PRPD Pattern Analysis using Image Recognition A. Müller, M. Beltle and S. Tenbohlen (Institute of Power Transmission and High Voltage Technology, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany [DOI Number : 10.15676/ijeei.2012.4.3.9])
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  10. A Control Strategy for Load Frequency Control Coordinating Economic Load Dispatch & Load Forecasting Via Kalman Filter Ravi Shankar1, Kalyan Chatterjee2, and T. K. Chatterjee3 (1.2.3Department of Electrical Engineering, ISM Dhanbad, India - 826004 [DOI Number : 10.15676/ijeei.2012.4.3.10])
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  11. Considerations for Dielectric Properties Measurements of Oil Immersed Pressboard Fari Pratomosiwi1, Norasage Pattanadech1, B. Wieser1, G. Pukel2, M. Stössl2, Michael Muhr1 (1Institute of High Voltage Engineering & System Management, Technische Universität Graz, Inffeldgasse18, 8010 Graz, Austria [DOI Number : 10.15676/ijeei.2012.4.3.11])
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  12. Design of Bandwidth Adjustment Receiver for Optical Wireless Communication M. F. L. Abdullah (Department of Communication Engineering, Faculty of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia [DOI Number : 10.15676/ijeei.2012.4.3.12])
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